Let's go on a duck hunt

Ever since some idiot boy shot one of my ducks, I’ve wanted to get a head count and see how many I’ve got at this point. The ducks just sort of get the run of the place, and keep their distance from us humans as much as possible.

Unbelievably they still swim on the creek, even with high temperatures in the teens and lows edging towards zero. Thankfully I haven’t seen any ducksicles yet this year.

I headed out for the creek and found 5 hanging out in this spot

and 5 more a bit farther up stream.

The 5 up stream got nervous about me poking around out there

and swam down to have a convo with the others.

Apparently the verdict was that I’m harmless because they swam back up to their spot up stream, taking a couple extras with them.

So the total thus far is 10 ducks. I headed back up to the feeder calf winter lot. The ducks crawl over the bedding pack and around the hay feeder like maggots on…well, you know. Even though we haven’t actually eaten any of them yet, they still earn their keep as cleaner-uppers.

There were 9 ducks on the bedding pack for a total of 19. Then I found these 4 separatists hanging out underneath the corncrib. (And yes, that’s a concrete-filled barrel holding up a piece of the corncrib.)

So I found a grand total of 23 ducks on my hunt today. More than I thought I had! Now we’ll see how many come through the winter.

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