Lather, rinse, repeat


This is a gratuitous kitten photo. Matt says people don’t like to see pictures of dead, headless chickens on the internet. So there you go.

Unfortunately it’s not all kittens and rainbows here, of course. You might recall the predator problem we had last month. We’ve been hit again. This morning there were 6 headless chickens…2 outside the pen, 2 inside the pen, and 2 right inside the shed. The nerve! I came back in the house and told the girls it was like the horse head scene from The Godfather out there. Blank stares…ah, the generation gap!

So the Big White Dog is back on duty. He actually fell right back into his role as guardian, which makes me happy. No whining or pacing this time…he was too busy giving the pen a thorough sniffing. Why, you may ask, didn’t we put him out there the first day these chickens were on pasture?

What can I say, except that we’re optimistic people.

1 year ago:

Laborful day

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  1. Kris Bair says:

    You’ve been busy! How did your fair go? Can’t wait to see the finished tree house – but I hope Tyler doesn’t see it – he’s been wanting one for the longest time…..
    have a good day

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