It's All Who You Know

And in our case it’s not who we know in high places, but who we know in the not-so-high places. A friend of Matt’s from high school left his career as a highly-paid software engineer and moved back here. Now he spends his days scrapping metal from farmers’ groves and barns. Fun and income all rolled into one :)

Sometimes he finds treasures like these Pride-of-the-Farm pig feeders. These babies are hard to find – new or used – in today’s age of confinement hog raising. We’ve been looking for a year. We got three of them for the sum of one hundred dollars. Plus the farmer threw in some flat metal hog feeding troughs and a rotating hog feeder. Having these 3 big feeders means we’ll be able to have the elevator deliver our feed in bulk, rather than having it bagged. So we’ll be saving the cost of the bags.

As Garth sings, “I’ve got friends in low places…”. They’re the best kind!

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2 Responses to It's All Who You Know

  1. I don’t get how they work but they do look cool..

  2. Good catch! I love finds like this. Bringing things back into use.

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