Itchy and scratchy

The new piglets are as cute as ever, and at that age where they go on little walk-abouts. One day I watched as they scratched their various and sundry itches.

The rooster is wondering just what he’s walked into.

All together now!

1 year ago:

Hen and chicks


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4 Responses to Itchy and scratchy

  1. Jeannelle says:

    Rooster looks quite prim and proper there and the piglets are extremely cute. Loved your post title….when I was a kid we had two puppies which my dad named "Itch" and "Scratch".

  2. What cute piglets! They are adorable.Kris

  3. Christy says:

    Man, they are cute!

  4. theegggather says:

    I love baby pigs…..and baby cows….and baby, gee I could go on and on. Great post and photos.

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