It is what it is

Sharing some pictures of the Great Shed Collapse of 2015. The insurance guy was out. If they determine it was caused by snow, we get nothing. If they determine it was caused by wind, they will pay the claim but only a percentage of it can be used for demolition and cleanup.

It would be easy to drop into a “can’t win for losing” kind of thinking. Instead we’re of the attitude that it is what it is, and what will be will be.

So no plan going forward yet, we’re in wait-and-see mode on that front. In the meantime the calves have shelter in the large quonset huts that we had for the sows, and Matt is ferrying water. It will do for now.

Because we won’t have retail beef available for farmers market this summer, we’re pondering on what to do about chickens. Do we not raise them at all? Do we raise them and come to the market with just them, maybe the first Saturday after each batch is butchered? The one difficulty with chickens is taking pre-orders and then getting people to actually pick them up. And there’s the question of whether paying the market fee, and carrying the liability insurance makes sense. Without beef to help cover those costs, it might not.

I would love to hear thoughts, ideas, suggestions from all of you!

10 years ago:
Year In Review (a guest post by Matt)

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2 Responses to It is what it is

  1. Cheri says:

    Sorry about your shed. Hopefully the insurance goes your way.

    Maybe you’ll be selling chicken and barn wood signs at the market this year? 😉

    • Kelli Miller says:

      Thanks Cheri! I like the way you think 😉 Thanks for the reminder to salvage some of that wood, before I walk out of the house one day to find Matt has a big bonfire going!

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