Iowa Food Coop, March

The shopping cart is open at the Iowa Food Coop!. You can find our products here. The shopping cart will close Saturday, March 13th (I think at 11:00 p.m.) with delivery on Thursday, March 18th.

These pigs here are our first litters of the gilts we bought almost a year ago and our Berk boar, Ollie. I’m in love with these pigs. They’re vigorous and stocky and they’re going to make some mighty fine bacon.

And they’re photogenic. Can’t forget photogenic. That’s an important trait around here!

I haven’t even gotten around to sending out our yearly newsletter & order forms yet, but already reservations are coming in for whole & half hogs! These will be ready late-April, so let me know if you want on the list!

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3 Responses to Iowa Food Coop, March

  1. Jessie saw these pigs a while back – and wanted one of the brown and black spotted ones in the WORST way for her 4-H project! They sure are cutekris

  2. ~ Janis says:

    Great looking, stocky hogs.How long did you raise this group before putting them in the freezer ? What breed mix are they ?Love your photos and hope you have a very productive year. Sugaring has been great for the past 3 weeks and now its almost calving season here in Vermont.

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