In honor of Matt's birthday

In honor of Matt’s birthday I had to post a cow picture.

Missus Hamilton says, “Happy Birthday as you mooove into a new decade!”

1 year ago:

Happy Birthday – check it out to see a “baby” picture of Matt 🙂

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7 Responses to In honor of Matt's birthday

  1. ang says:

    Oh my word! Is she pregger’s or what?

  2. farm mom says:


  3. Lisa says:

    Wow! That’s quite a cow!! Happy Birthday, Matt!

  4. Happy Birthday – and that poor cow looks hugely preggo!! (Our closest one doesn’t look that big – LOL) Can’t wait to see the calf!!

  5. Sandy says:

    Love it! Happy Bday Matt!

  6. Patti says:

    Happy Happy Matt!!!

  7. Thanks, everybody!Hopefully Missus Hamilton is expecting. We didn’t have the vet preg check our cows this year. But they all should be calving here in a couple of months.

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