I have this theory

that there are two kinds of people: those who like to fish, and those who don’t. Furthermore it’s my opinion that people who like to fish are born, not made. This weekend Olivia discovered that she’s a born fisherman.

Sugar Creek is a small creek, only inches deep in some places, and home to only very small fish. Chubs and minnows, mostly. But it’s handy. Just walk down our front yard and you’re at the creek. Matt took the kids fishing down there Saturday and Sunday. They caught a couple of little chubs, and Olivia got the fever.

Today she had a friend over and they fished down there for an hour and a half. Olivia was in charge of baiting the hooks with worms, her friend Julia in charge of taking the fish off the hook.

I was working in the yard and heard that shrill scream that all you mothers of little girls know. What?! A hook in someone’s eye?! Someone fell in?! No – that was the sound of “we caught a fish!”

I heard the scream five times in all. Five chubs dropped into a bit of water in a five gallon pail. Five fish caught on a Tweety Bird fishing pole with a hook, a worm, and a red-and-white bobber. They fished until they were out of worms, and then let all the fish go again.

Yep, Olivia’s got fishing fever. On tomorrow’s To Do List is “buy more worms”.

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3 Responses to I have this theory

  1. pablo says:

    This is good for today’s warm fuzzies. She’s started down a lifetime of enjoyment with the hobby. I’m so glad she’s found it.

  2. Patti says:

    I want a Tweety Bird pole!!! There are so many women who love fishing (me included) one would think they would make tackle in pastels or…floral eh?

  3. Great photo – I like Olivia’s catch & release program!

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