Hope comes in litters of 9

I feel like there’s so much to catch y’all up on. Here’s one of those things. A couple of Saturday’s ago Olivia came in from feeding pigs and said, “Um, we have baby pigs?”

You might remember the disasterous farrowings we had last spring. We kept 2 of those 3 gilts and gave them another chance. And I’m so happy to report that things went so much better this time. We weren’t quite expecting the first litter yet, but this is the gilt that didn’t raise a litter. So she was ready to go, so to speak, whereas the other gilt had to dry up first. She should be farrowing within the next week or so. Evidently Oliver got his job done quite expeditiously.

So she farrowed, with nighttime temps in the 40’s, no heat lamp, no creep area. On top of it, she had a bum foot which made it hard for her to get up and down. And yet she only layed on 1 pig (the litter was originally 10). And the rest of the pigs have thrived beautifully.

The piglets are at that fun age now, where they’re small enough to fit through holes in the gate and explore the farm. The chickens like to hang out with them in their pen.

Of course every new mom deserves a spa day once in a while. A mud bath hits the spot.

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7 Responses to Hope comes in litters of 9

  1. Ethan Book says:

    Glad to hear that you now have a successful litter of piglets. I pray the next goes even more smoothly! As you know I’ve been thinking about hogs also. You mentioned something about not following your own advice … did you go with purebred hogs?

  2. Stacy says:

    Glad everything worked out this time. The piggies are so cute. I love ’em when their little.

  3. Patti says:


  4. Your photos are all wonderful, but the one of the chickens in with the piglets is priceless!Re your Swiss chard: I have no idea why it would be bitter, especially as it tolerates our ridiculous Missouri summer heat & humidity just fine. But you’re right–you shouldn’t give up on it yet! : )

  5. Lisa says:

    Oh they are so cute! If you liked closer I would love to buy a couple. I’ve got Ed talked into getting butcher hogs but I can’t seem to find them young, only ready to go.And congratulations!!

  6. Candy Duell says:

    What fun it sounds like, I am glad this group of babies did not have many problems.

  7. Danielle says:

    Oh, I’m so pleased to read about your piggie success! My heart just broke reading about the last round. That’s the hard side of farming—it’s important to have enough of the good side to make it all bearable, and don’t those little piggie butts go a long way toward that!

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