Great blue heron

One of the fun things about this time of year is the bird life on Sugar Creek. It seems to be a favorite stop-over along migration routes. Last week I spied a Great Blue Heron out there, hanging out with our ducks. By the time I’d grabbed the camera, threw on some mud boots and ran out he’d already moved on upstream so these were the best shots I could get of him.

3 years ago:

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3 Responses to Great blue heron

  1. I think I want a creek on our property – so I can look at pretty birds!!! So love your pictures.Kris

  2. Sea2Shore says:

    They are such graceful birds. I love seeing all the birds come back at spring time. I saw my very first robin here yesterday. It’s a sign of great things to come.

  3. Twinville says:

    And what excellent shots they are! What a gorgeous bird!Lucky you for getting so many opportunities to view so much wildlife.

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