Madeline and Ike have been participating in advanced obedience classes the past 9 weeks. Monday night was the final class and they received their “diploma”.

Everyone always gets a kick out of watching Ike go through the tunnel.

The instructor brought biscuits for the dogs who successfully held the long sit and long down that night. Unfortunately, Ike wasn’t one of them. He sits there awhile, and then it’s like he just makes up his mind that enough is enough and he’s getting up (or laying down, in the case of the sit).

The new puppy arrives Saturday and it will be interesting to see how Madeline juggles training both dogs at once. But this is definitely one of her favorite activities. Once Ava gets older I think Madeline would like to try some AKC events. Anyone have any advice on how to get started? I know she’s interested in the Junior Showmanship and Obedience.

Once Madeline and Ike are done training for the county fair in July I’ll get to have my dog back. I plan to try for Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International with him.

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  1. pablo says:

    What? You can train a dog to behave? This is news to me.

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