Have I mentioned the ice? I guess I have. This is our driveway. Except now it’s covered over with snow, and another blizzard is on deck for tomorrow – 4 inches of snow and 40mph winds. Wahoo.

3 years ago:

Sucky, sucky day

Us versus possum, Day 6

Victory is ours

2 years ago:

Last call

Another installment

Dog pile!

1 year ago:

On the farm 01.08.08

Hanky panky

On the farm 01.10.08

On the farm 01.11.08

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6 Responses to Glare

  1. Oh my Gosh!! That looks dangerous!Do you have to wear mountain climbing crampons to do the farm chores?That ice is just scary!You be careful, ok?~Lisa

  2. OMG!!! Thats so much ice…what can you do???

  3. Oh Wow! And another blizzard? We got dumped on Friday and Saturday, now this week we are looking at highs of 5 degrees. UGH. Kris

  4. frugalmom says:

    Hokey Pete…and to think I busted my butt on the amount of ice we had here….Id never make it….Heres to some melting going on….sometime soon!

  5. Patti says:

    Ya ..pretty bad when you hope for snow to cover ALL THE ICE….

  6. Lisa – Matt has spikes he straps on his boots to help keep him vertical 🙂 I just sort of do the shuffle!PF – not much…as Patti said below (she lives very near me), you hope for snow to cover the ice!Kris – that’s exactly what we’re supposed to get…snow and then subzero temps. UGH is right!frugalmom – part of the reason we have so much ice is that we had a couple of days in the 40s which melted some of the snow, and then it promptly froze again turning everything into ice! So no more melting until spring is here to stay!Patti – I know 😉

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