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There are gifts in change… the opportunity to re-imagine the possibilities, to create a new vision for the future, to engage your creativity… to hope.

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  1. Hooray…I made it! I've been reading your archives from the very beginning and I finally finished just now. Only took me about 2 months! I've done the same with other farm bloggers like The Beginning Farmer and Nature's Harmony, so now I can keep up with the goings-on with the background to understand what you've been through. I feel a little bit like a part of the family, but not in an uninvited, creepy, wierdo sort of way.Here are some things I love your blog: Your pictures are amazing, and there are lots of them too. Your sense of humor really comes through…I can't tell you how many times I've laughed out loud and had my wife ask me what was so funny. Gives us a nice chance to discuss your farm and how things you are experiencing could be applied to us. Finally, I love that you love farming. The good times and the bad. Even if you aren't getting rich (or breaking even), your stories about Rafe fishing for chubs, the girls in 4H and chasing pigs through the cornfield stoke a fire in me for the "things of rural life". My son is 7 months old, and I can only hope and pray that I am able to raise him as you have raised yours. Hopefully farming is still in your family's immediate future (do I sense some questions on that?). Either way, I look forward to keeping up with the Miller's and Sugar Creek Farm.

  2. Paul – wow! I can't believe you've spent 2 months reading our story! I'm flattered 🙂 Thank you so much for your comment. And to answer – yes, you do sense some questions on our future. But they are getting sorted out…we will continue, in some way or fashion 🙂

  3. love your pictures lately. what a great photo of the sale barn.kris

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