Rafe Henry is four today. Four. I almost can’t comprehend it.

He loves to make people laugh. He’s always made us laugh every day, but now he’s aware of it. Now he’ll do something and ask, “Is that funny?”

He’s (finally) starting to care (a little) about good behavior. When he’s done something he knows he shouldn’t he’ll say, “Are you happy, Mom?”

Like his mama, he’s not a morning person.

He’s starting to write his name. We still don’t know if he’s right or left-handed. He’ll start out with his left and write R-a-f, then switch to his right to finish with the “e”.

He doesn’t walk anywhere. “Everywhere I went, I was running.” From the house to the car. From the living room to the bathroom. From the downstairs to the upstairs. (Extra credit to those who can source that quote – Matt & Rod are not allowed to play.)

He doesn’t care much for coloring pictures, but loves to have books read to him.

He loves preschool.

Having two older sisters, he can be quite dramatic. “What-ever!”

He has quite the imagination. Lately his favorite toy has been a pair of kitchen tongs. Those tongs have been a robot, a crane lift, a boy with long legs.

Happy Birthday, dude.


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2 Responses to Four

  1. Sonia says:

    Happy Birthday Rafe Henry!Love the photo of your beautiful boy!

  2. pablo says:

    Forrest Gump, of course.Happy Birthday to your wonderful boy.Soon he’ll have his driver’s license, then girlfriends, college, a marriage, grandhcildren. Believe me, you turn around for a second and they grow up on you!

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