by the girls, in the corncrib when they were converting it into a “clubhouse”.

I think I’ll be invoking eminent domain and sniping this treasure for myself.

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  1. karl says:

    where did your girls go, if not in the corn crib? on another chicken topic, tabitha has been discussing attempting a free range broiler solution instead of our chicken tractor next year. do you have any advice? how did your new portable shed work this year? was it a pain getting them in and shut up each night?

  2. Haymaker says:

    My father worked for the Manchester Press (IA) in the 70’s when they were still using moveable type. When they transitioned to lithography, he started saving the large metal (like heavy tin) plates from each press run. It was only later that I discovered he had scrounged them and used them at his father-in-law’s farm (my grandpa) to line the slated corn cribs when converted to hold shelled #2 corn. You could read the decade-old news when shoveling corn.

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