Found Objects

Neighbors down the road are selling their 35-acre farm and moving to town. They are an older couple and dealing with health issues. Don has been so nice as to give Matt a truckload of old barnwood, and we were also able to buy some steel fenceposts off him.

Along with the wood, Don sent this little treasure home with Matt. A monstrous old wooden chicken feeder. I love this kind of stuff. Soon it will be overflowing with petunias.

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2 Responses to Found Objects

  1. I’ve never seen a chicken feeder before. Interesting..

  2. Becky says:

    Hi Millers!I finally found your web page and guess how suprised I was to see your latest entry. I’ve got the same thing at my house. Check them out… I’m going to be up all night reading your blog!Tim and Becky Newton

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