Feeling spoiled

As if a new camera wasn’t enough, I also got an early birthday present this weekend. A potting bench! Matt had our friend Jeff custom build this for me. It’s made of basswood and it’s absolutely beautiful. A couple of details that are hard to see in the picture…a cute scalloped edge along the back of the top shelf, and a cutout in the left side of the work surface. Take the “lid” out and a bucket fits into the hole!

It still needs to be finished. Jeff knows me too well :) He told Matt he’d better wait on the finish, because maybe I’d want to paint it. Paint is always a popular option with me, but this time I’m simply going to have it sealed and varnished.

Unfortunately for Matt it didn’t turn out to be a big surprise. I’d only had the plans for this thing tacked to the refrigerator for a year or two. And then they mysteriously disappear a month or two before my birthday? I was so onto him. That’s okay. He’s racking up some serious points this week, don’t you think? When I told him I was going to blog about my bench tonight he said, “Good, I’ll get some good press on that blog for once.”

This is the same friend that made my seed-starting rack, and when Matt asked him to do the bench he also asked him to make me another rack. I’m going to be a seed-starting fool this winter! But with a certain special project I’ve got cooking, I’ll be needing that second rack.

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  1. karl says:

    holy crap, that thing is beautiful. i havn’t read the post yet i was so inspired to comment on it’s simple beauty. i’m off to finish reading the post now….

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