My dad was nice enough to bring his tractor and soil saver over on Sunday to widen the garden for next year. This past summer I discovered the joys of growing drying beans. I grew soldier beans, which are white with a burgundy spot in the middle. Drying beans come in so many fun colors I wanted room to plant a number of varieties. I also want to start growing herbs.

So we had Dad bring the edge of the garden to a lawn mowers-width from the edge of the new fence we’re building. The fence will create a big area in the backyard for the dogs to run free. This is mainly for Ike’s benefit. Abbie stays put, but Pyrenees believe that whatever land they can see is theirs to guard. Unfortunately one of our neighbors does not appreciate this gesture, so we have to keep him tied up or in the house. I can’t wait until we don’t have to tie him anymore!

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  1. It’s a lot nicer if dogs can run free. Hope he enjoys it when the fence is up..

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