Endless summer

Even though the county fair has been over and done with for about 6 weeks now and fall is definitely in the air already, our front yard still feels like summer.

A trio of barrels are still set up.

The pieces needed for a home version of the Flag Race are also out there.

And this photo of girl + horse is a favorite of mine.

I snuck up on them having a girl + horse moment, and neither one even noticed I was there.

3 years ago:


These three

2 years ago:



1 year ago:

Hurricane Ridge

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2 Responses to Endless summer

  1. What a great picture! Next thing you know, she’ll be showing horses all over Iowa!Kris

  2. Twinville says:

    hehe! I love those kind of pictures, too :)Good for you for grabbing the camera at just the right moment. :)~Lisa

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