Easter Calf

Updated: I was getting ahead of myself with the names!

Internet, meet John Q “Just John” aka “JJ”.

John Q “JJ”, meet the Internet.

Sunday when we left for Easter dinner at my grandma’s, Matt remarked that it was a “perfect” day for calving. Cold and wet. Yes, he was being sarcastic.

Sure enough, when we pulled in the driveway later in the afternoon, I did a doubletake. A black calf standing out there, but even from a distance I could tell he wasn’t George. “Hmm, I think he’s new.”

George and JJ getting acquainted.

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3 Responses to Easter Calf

  1. karl says:

    he’s so cute. your cows have such interesting markings.

  2. He’s so adorable, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hollywood came calling again – – get your bags ready, girl!

  3. culinary says:

    Hi, lovely cows.Greetings from Holland. Love your site.

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