Daily deposit

I have this chicken. An Americauna (Aracauna?) hen. Apparently she takes our advertisement for “Fresh” Eggs very seriously.

She climbs the steps to the front porch, looking around to see if Ava is paying attention. The coast is clear.

She settles into the cats’ crate.

Some time elapses. Often she is interrupted by Ava who chases her out of the crate and off the porch. But she is persistant, waiting out the dog and returning to the box over and over again until the job is done. Today she is left in peace.

Her daily deposit made, she checks around for Ava again…

…and makes her getaway.

It doesn’t get any fresher than that.

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10 Responses to Daily deposit

  1. Genie says:

    Kelli, this totally cracked me up — thanks for the chuckle…and I bet that fresh egg tasted pretty fabulous, eh?

  2. karl says:

    that was great. she’s a pretty chicken too.

  3. squire says:

    I love it. Great story.

  4. I have one of those “girls” too. I totally adore the pictures you posted of the event. Green eggs are amazing, esp. home grown!

  5. green says:

    I saw this yesterday and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. We have three cats and all I can think is, somehow, the hen is paying the cat back for some wrong done. That, or she thinks the cat needs to be a mom. lol

  6. Green – my theory is that this hen’s a snob. She thinks she’s too good to lay eggs in the coop with the commoners. Today she clucked up such a fuss I went out to see what was going on. Rafe had put his ball, glove and bat in the cat crate. She was quite indignant about this. Once I removed the offending objects she jumped in and got down to business.

  7. gtr says:

    Hehe!! Love it! My chickens get chased off the deck, though, due to the OTHER things they tend to leave behind….

  8. april says:

    Hi, I just found your blog from That’s a Cute Little Farm House. I loved this post. What a perfect spot for her to lay. We have an auracana that lays an egg on a high shelf in our garage everyday….I have to admit it’s more irritating than cute.

  9. new says:

    That’s just hilarious! I love how she checks if the coast is clear!! I can’t wait to have chickens one day.

  10. Thanks everybody! I never think I have any interesting stories to tell at parties…guess I’ll have to whip this one out next time :)

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