Daily Bread

Thanks to a link over at Fat Guy on a Little Bike last month, I found a great daily bread recipe. I use the mixer method (since I lost the paddle to my bread machine). Very simple to mix up the dough before I go to bed and bake when I get up in the morning. No kneading!

Last week I made a loaf nearly every day. This week has been busier and I haven’t done it, but hopefully I’ll have a chance tomorrow night. I think I’ll make 2 or 3 and freeze the extra’s after rising and shaping, but before the second rise.

I made the recipe as is first, then fiddled with it the next couple of loaves. The recipe makes about a 1 pound loaf. I increased it to 1 1/2 pounds so that it would fill my Pampered Chef stoneware bread pan. I also replaced half of the flour with wheat flour. I rubbed a stick of butter over the top when it came out of the oven, resulting in a nice soft crust good for sandwiches.

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3 Responses to Daily Bread

  1. Gin says:

    I really, really, really wish you hadn’t posted that picture. So much for the four pounds that I was going to take off before Christmas. Thanks a lot.

  2. Kelli — will you tell us how you fare with freezing a loaf before baking it. I can’t seem to do this with BREAD… it will keep on raising.Now rolls — they are small enough, or cinnamon rolls, I do this with.If you have good luck with this recipe with a whole loaf — will you tell us! I’d love to do this!!For now — I cook them up then freeze them. I’d love to have a Bosch mixer — so I could do 6 at a time ::sigh:: Some day. ;D

  3. Matt says:

    OK, even I need more info. You got a much better rise than I do. What size is your pan? It seems like the recipe doesn’t fill my pan well enough so maybe I need to increase the flour like you did to get a better rise.That loaf looks absolutely fantastic.

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