Chix Pix

The broilers were 3 weeks old Wednesday. They look a bit disheveled at this point. Adolescent. This was them just a week ago. This was them just 3 weeks ago.

Tomorrow is moving day, out to pasture. It’s so fun to watch them on pasture the first time. Chicken bliss. Fresh air, green grass, bugs and worms.

The pullets and roos are feathering out nicely, too. This was them just 3-1/2 weeks ago.

Buff-laced Polish roo. His “hat” looks like dandelion fluff.

Partridge Cochin pullet. Such pretty coloring, love the feathers on her legs.

Golden Polish pullet. Such a fancy girl.

Salmon Faverolle roo. The 5-toed bird. He also has feathers on his legs.

An Araucana pullet showing off her perching skills. I can’t believe how huge the Araucanas are!

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6 Responses to Chix Pix

  1. Rurality says:

    Great pics! Our Marans are the biggest of the latest batch we got.Been having a bit of a coyote problem lately. We’ve lost 5 chickens in the past few weeks, including the baby. :(

  2. Zanne says:

    What cool photos. Up close and personal with the poultry!!!

  3. Neeets says:

    I am trying to find some laying Marans nice temporament, please email me at Neeets@netscape.netI am also interested in true Aracaunas (blue eggs) and BarnveldersThanks for any help you can give me

  4. Mary Ann says:

    I don’t know if you will get this comment as I don’t have a blog. But your farm story and baby chicks get right to the top of my heart. I have a smile on my face. I was raised on a 75 acre farm 2 miles outside of Milo Iowa. I know you know where Milo is. My grandmother and grandfathr farmed. Actually my grandmother did all the farm and gardening and the hose. She was the boss. We raised 500 baby chicke every year. I love growing up on a farm. I now live in Augusta georgia and anm hoping we can rent a place out in the country next spring. I am going to put your whol blog on CD for my readin pleasure only. This so bring back so many memories to me. The years were 1952- 1963 for me. I was 19 when I grew up and left homeMary Ann

  5. Don says:

    I’m three weeks behind you. I will keep checking in to get tips and enjoy your experience.

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