Cedar Valley Memories 2006

Once again a fine steam engine show was put on by the Mitchell County Historical Society and steam engine aficionados from near and far. The volunteer effort is extremely impressive.

A giant Case. I don’t know anything about it, but the silver eagle on the front of it caught my eye.

The Reeves engine that I showed last year. It’s even bigger than the Case. You can see that the tires are taller than the man standing next to it. Check out the comments on last year’s post for more details on this engine from one of the engineers that runs it.

This is the little steam engine that Rafe was so interested in. I think it burned coal and wood in the fire box in the front part of the engine. The fire looked bright and hot, and Rafe decided he wasn’t going to sit so close to it in order to have a turn at the wheel.

There were also volunteers demonstrating spinning and rug hooking. This one happens to be one of our customers! She’s spinning rabbit fur.

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