Madeline’s been working on creating a perennial garden next to my garage this summer. It’s one of the perks of having a kid in 4-H. They get a project to do, and you get something done for you.

I’ll wait and share pictures of the complete garden when she’s finished. Almost there – just a bit of weeding to do and the rest of the mulch to put down.

In the meantime, here are a few of the blooms. If I get the names wrong, someone please correct me. I can grow pretty much any vegetable, but I have a black thumb when it comes to flowers. I’m hoping the flower-growing gene skips a generation, from my mother to Madeline, just like the nail polish gene seems to.

Asiatic Lily

Black-eyed Susan


some kind of little daisy-like flower :)

A completely out-of-focus shot, but I love how Rafe is down there smelling the catmint.

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  1. The flowers are really coming along. Can I borrow her next year..

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