Bed o' greens (and a few reds)

The first crop of the garden for us is always a bed of mixed greens and lettuces. I love it with only a simple oil & vinegar dressing. My mom said it also made a good wilted lettuce salad.

Even this small bed was more than we could eat and give away this year. A few days after cutting a section, you could hardly tell where it had been cut. It’s been a good spring for lettuce.

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7 Responses to Bed o' greens (and a few reds)

  1. Patti says:

    That looks just yummy!!!!

  2. Lacy says:

    wow– that would sure cut down on my grocery bill! how lucky your give-away friends are!

  3. Patti – Hope you’re enjoying it :)Lacy – Too bad I can’t stick some in the mail to you. If I could I would!

  4. Linda says:

    This year was my first year with a city garden … I have decided that I definitely need to expand my lettuce production next year … gosh, guess hubby’s going to have to help me dig up another garden bed … maybe 2 garden beds, your post the other day made me want to grow strawberries too, lol!

  5. Linda – I agree, there’s nothing like fresh lettuce from the garden! Or a spinach & strawberry salad :)

  6. Kristianna says:

    Wow! That lettuce row is *impressive*. Here in the northeast I am having trouble getting *any* greens to grow. :-( We have had nothing but rain for months now. Oh, wait, there were those three sunny days…I came across your blog while reading Walter’s blog. I love your blog and photos and I just wanted to say so. Thanks! :)K

  7. Kristianna – I’ve heard the NE has been waterlogged, how frustrating! Thanks so much for stopping by :)

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