Band on the run

The piglets are at that age, squeezing under gates and through fences for adventures about the farm.

But as soon as they see that they’re busted,

they’re a band on the run.

Remember last month, I mentioned that we were going to cull our sows? Not long after, Matt & Madeline took the open sow to the hog buying station. We assumed we’d get cull price, but when the check came in the mail we were pleasantly surprised to find we’d got 45 cents a pound! My dad thought that because she was over 500 pounds we got a premium, because food companies want these heavy cull sows for their frozen sausage products. If we can get that for the other sow when we cull her, we’ll have paid for our 3 replacement gilts!

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4 Responses to Band on the run

  1. They look like they are having fun… the picture of them looking at you. That was a great price on the sow – hope you get that on the next one!Kris

  2. Willow Witch says:

    They are just too dang cute!

  3. Jeannelle says:

    Great catch of the piglets kicking up their heels! Your farm photos are in an excellent class all their own!

  4. Blue Yonder says:

    Can I just tell you that I’m crazy in love with your life. I mean mine is pretty stinking wonderful, but dang if I don’t lack a band of squishy mischievous piglets and a manure spreader!

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