Ava, and her herd of one

With no sheep on this farm to herd, Ava takes work wherever she can find it.

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3 Responses to Ava, and her herd of one

  1. BettyWestern says:

    Nice photo, Star looks to have settled right in.Loving the chicken industry updates – not sure about your career as a jingle writer!

  2. meanders says:

    Love Ava’s ears, and your new lawnmowing system.BTW, did anything ever happen with your soapmaking foray?–Amy

  3. BW – yep, Star seems at home. Olivia has already had an adventure with her, more on that later.Amy – I’m still gearing up for the soapmaking experiment :) Hopefully I’ll have something to share soon, as farmers market is coming up!

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