As requested

More calf pictures for Brian.

This little beauty is Sophie. Her mother is Caramel. Usually Caramel has black calves, but once before she had one like this named Louisa.

Such a cute mother-daughter pair! I love how Sophie looks like a lamb as much as a calf.

1 year ago:

I am rooster

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  1. heyercapital says:

    Last year the 4th graders had a state-sponsored “Adventures in Dairyland” tour of a local dairy farm. The city kids oooh and aaaah over the barn cats and the cute calves. They get to giggle over the rear-view of the sturdy bull in the stantion too. One calf had just been born, and pointing to the afterbirth, I hinted to the boys next to me where beef jerky came from. (The beauty of that joke is that I first heard it from my grandpa’s farm hand, who in turn had told it to his preacher, who was visiting for dinner and saw afterbirth that didn’t quite make it all the way over the barnyard fence.)Blessings on your day.

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