As promised

As promised, I’ve got pictures of babies!  I don’t have all the calves photographed yet – I know, I’m a slacker – but here’s a few:

Remember this little girl?

She was the firstborn this year.  She just has “fancy” written all over her, I think.

And then there was this little guy:

He’s a little darker version of his mother, Caramel.  You never know with Caramel what color of calf will come out.  In the past her bull calves have always been black-whitefaces, and her heifer calves have always looked like this only much lighter – a very light almost-white cream color.  (And we always named them Louisa.)  But Caramel threw us for a loop this year with this sweet little khaki-colored bull.

The really interesting thing is that this year, every calf is a miniature of its mother.  The solid red cow had a solid red calf.  The red whiteface cows had red whiteface calves (they’ve always had black whiteface calves before.)  The black whiteface cow had…you guessed it…a black whiteface calf.  And the solid black cows had solid black calves like this one:

And then there are these little stinkers:

2 of our 3 sows have farrowed.  The first one had 10 pigs, and the second one had 15!  So far, 12 days in, each has lost only 1.  They are awesome mama’s!

And to all of you awesome mama’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

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