Another fall job done

A couple of weeks after Matt put 3 or 4 loads of manure on the garden, my dad came over with his tractor and soil saver to turn it over for us.

Rafe thought it was great fun riding with Grandpa, telling Grandpa to “go fast.” When Rafe was little he didn’t like to get too close to the tractor because of the noise. He’d clamp his hands over his ears and run away. But as he gets older it seems he’s better able to tolerate it.

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2 Responses to Another fall job done

  1. karl says:

    nice garden-tractor. do you think that it is the attraction to something obviously very powerful for little boys? tristan likes all heavy equipment and kassi could care less. i guess the socialization carries on with or without my input.that garden dirt looks sooo good. do you plant a cover crop?

  2. Karl – we don’t usually get around to planting a cover crop. We really should.

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