Ag Speedlinking: 03.05.08

Big vs. small organic farmers

“People don’t seem to understand that (barring cooperatives like Organic Valley, which legitimately buy milk from lots of small farms) if the same brand of organic milk exists in grocery stores from Oregon to Mississippi, it probably wasn’t the kind of place where the farmer knows every cow by name.”


New organization working to quantify sustainable agriculture

“Just what exactly is sustainable agriculture and how do you measure it? A new coalition of growers, conservation organizations and companies throughout the ag supply chain are seeking to do just that through an index that will measure and track the impact of agriculture in terms of environmental sustainability.”


Southeast urban farmer rides bike, not tractor

“Instead of farming acres of land out in the country, Sonnenblume’s “farm” is distributed throughout Inner Southeast Portland. Homeowners allow him plant and care for a crop in a portion of their property, in exchange for produce during the season.”


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