A horse story

Week 1

Me: Olivia, let me see you lope that horse.

Olivia: Noooooooo!

Week 2

Olivia: loping fool

Week 3

I’m down the road getting ready to feed chickens in the pasture. Olivia is loping Star down the road towards me. And then Star is running. And Olivia is bouncing a foot out of the saddle. And Olivia is trying to pull on the reins. And Olivia will not grab hold of that saddle horn because that is for wimps. And Olivia falls off her rather tall horse onto the gravel road.

She catches herself on the ground with her left arm, and screams that her arm is broken. It’s sore for a few days, but actually no serious damage done.

(This will later come to be known as the first ER visit averted that week.)

Olivia is not scared, she is pissed off at her horse.

Week 4

After several days of the silent treatment, Olivia kisses and makes up with Star. They ride for over 2 hours Sunday, and the first thing she does is lope :)

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  1. BettyWestern says:

    Oh my, what a brave little girl. This little girl (OK, I’m 39) took a bit longer to make peace with her looney tunes pony recently, it took several sessions with a physio and alot of therapy! Well done Olivia!Back in the saddle again.Bev

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