So all of you longtime blog readers… remember this firstborn of ours?

The Offspring 2003
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That scrawny, sunny little girl that liked to show her dog…

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…and all manner of other livestock at the fair?

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Well today she turned 18 years old.

She’s not so scrawny anymore, thank goodness, but still sunny. A while back she came and visited our Bunco group, and when she left one of my friends said, “She just lights up a room, doesn’t she?” She does.


She simply loves living life. She had an amazing senior year of high school – setter on the volleyball team, “Maria” in “The Sound of Music”, selected to the Iowa All-State Chorus, anchoring her distance medley relay team that qualified for the state track meet, graduating with highest honors.




She’s excited and ready for all the challenges and adventures that lie ahead of her when she sets off for college in a few weeks.


We couldn’t be more proud of her. But I’m not sure what we’re going to do without her around to tell us stories, and sing randomly, and make us laugh.

Happy One-Eight, Maddog.

Yo Mama

If you need to shed a few more tears, here’s some past birthday posts for you…


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2 Responses to Eighteen

  1. Jessica says:

    Happy birthday Madeline!! 18, wow! Blessings in your new journeys and adventures as you start your adulthood! Be crazy, have fun, be thankful and ALWAYS eat dessert first ;) -Jessica

  2. Andy and Liz Meyerhofer says:

    Happy Birthday to Madeline! Kelli and Matt you both have done such a wonderful job on raising such a beautiful young lady! She is a reflection of your love and guidance. She is very talented in so many areas. We have enjoyed watching her in concerts, plays and parades, reading about her in the paper, most of all we treasurer her visit to home singing a Valentine wish! Wishing her a blessed 18th and many more to come!