This duck just hasn’t got her head on straight!

Yesterday when I went in the chicken coop there were 2 ducks with newly hatched babies. Today when I went in the chicken coop, nothing. Off I went in search of them. I found the duck in the picture above, with 10 babies, on the far side of the creek.

And I found this one, with 6 babies, on the near side of the creek.

Sigh… There’s nothing cuter than ducklings!

Our ducks are not the best of mothers. Out of 16 babies we’ll be lucky if we end up with half. Here’s the 6 that are left from a hatch of 13 earlier this summer.

There’s another 3 ducks setting on nests in the chicken coop. Still to come, pictures of our handsome drakes!

1 year ago:

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  1. I want ducks now in the worst way – but Todd & Co. look at me like I'm crazy…also – how do you make your tomatoe sauce – anything you add to the tomatoes?Kris

  2. Bobbi says:

    Ah – cute little babies!

  3. Twinville says:

    Oooh! Such cutie patooties! Will the mamas come flying at you if you try to get to close?I’d so want to pick up and snuggle a few, on the sly :)

  4. Patti says:

    Hey 6 from 13 is way better than o from 13!!.Now ya know…..I could up your odds a bit 😉

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