4th of July parade

Time clocked: 90 minutes
Candy caught: 1.5 gallons

The fire department and military veterans and ladies auxillary lead things off.

Followed by…

Big equipment

Derby cars

and classic cars

Madeline (on the right holding the sign) marched with the North Iowa Humane Society of Mason City, where she volunteers.

Olivia helped out chucking candy for my cousin’s business, “Mehmen Lawn Care”.

Horses always bring up the rear. Make sure you’ve bought your playing pieces for “Road Apple Bingo”!

In between there’s also the marching band, church floats, fair queen candidates, karate demonstrations, 4-wheelers and 2-wheelers…the list goes on. For 90 minutes.

The youngest members of the family were instructed to catch candy and share it with their sisters/cousins. As if.

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  1. squire says:

    Thanks, I love small town America.

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