I struggle sometimes with what “tone” to take on this blog. It started out as a way to capture our journey in trying to build a successful, sustainable little farm. But it’s such a great way to capture everyday moments that I find myself wanting to write a lot of non-farm stuff, too. Should I take a humorous, or informative, or philosophical tone? There are blogs I just love that seem to stick to a format or a theme. Like Happy and Blue 2 that tells an hysterically funny story and ends with an interesting question. Or Rurality that is filled with wonderful nature photos and interesting facts about the subjects of those photos.

I guess the conclusion I’ve come to is to stop struggling with it and just write.

Back to yesterday’s post for just a minute. My mom wrote me a nice email saying she liked the story but did not actually remember that happening. (And in keeping with our theme of neurosis she wondered if some things she does remember actually happened or if maybe she has early onset Alzheimers.) But it is amazing the things you do and don’t remember, and what will trigger memories you had forgotten.

Case in point – Madeline has a retainer and included in her retainer kit was a little bottle of Scope. She pulled that out this morning and all of a sudden I was standing in my grandparents’ bathroom. I was in elementary school and they were still on their farm. It was a long, narrow little bathroom that had been carved from one side of the dining room when they got indoor plumbing in the fifties. They always used Scope, and I remember it was such a treat to me to get to use it because it wasn’t something my parents used at home. I knew I wasn’t supposed to swallow any, but I usually did swallow just a little bit because I thought it tasted so good . Such an insignificant little thing to remember, but it brings back those feelings of happy times spent at their house.

Still haven’t started any seed. Monday night one of my best friends called so I spent a good hour just catching up with her. She lives in NYC now and it had been about a month since we’d talked. It was worth procrastinating on seed starting just to talk with her – made me so happy. Tuesday nights are the girls’ dance night, so nothing else happens on Tuesday nights except grocery shopping/putting away for the week. I think at this point I’m just going to wait until the weekend. We have a little problem with the seed starting rack and fitting it down the basement stairs anyway. But Matt is off work Friday so hopefully he’ll take care of that!

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  1. The part about the Scope brought back a similar memory. I also used to drink a little bit.Thanks for the kind words.I think you should write about what you want. I would like to hear a bit about the band, for example..

  2. Rurality says:

    Thanks from me too. 🙂 I like your blog just like it is! I love all the farm pictures especially.

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