Winston’s posse

Today was gray and wet as spring showers came and went throughout the day. It’s astounding, the difference between a rainy day in March and a rainy day a mere two months later. In early spring the rains and winds still carry a cold punch and the earth may still appear dormant and lifeless. Today’s rain was warm, gentle, nourishing. The fields this time of year are like nurseries of infantile corn plants, only a couple inches tall now, lined up in row after row. I imagine the first experience of rain splashing on their narrow leaves – only 4 leaves at this point – was a bit of a shock.

Today’s rain will bring life to the garden seeds planted last weekend, and the rise in temperatures we’ll see this coming weekend should incent those seeds to germinate and push through from the underworld. Unfortunately, it will do the same for the weeds.

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  1. pablo says:

    It was a different chicken who took you to Disneyland, wasn’t it?

  2. Yep, she’s a Silkie and she prefers to stay in the coop.

  3. Patti says:

    hahahahah Ya gotta just love chickens!!!!!

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