Saw Walk the Line tonight at our smalltown Watts Theatre. Man oh man. Loved it. I’ll be downloading me some Johnny Cash tomorrow.

Even though it makes me sad to see how badly people mess up their lives, especially with drugs and alcohol, I loved how singing and writing and performing were just something he had to do. He couldn’t not do it. I feel that way about our little farm. Even though some days it drives me crazy and some days I mess it up.

It really made me miss playing with the band, even more than I do already.

It brought back some of my favorite memories from when I was little. My dad’s side of the family loved music, and most times that we got together we sang. There’s a picture of me, wish I had it here so I could scan it in and post it, at about 4 years old. It was Christmas at my Grandma & Grandpa Mehmen’s and I’m singing into a microphone. I don’t remember what I sang, but it was probably Sneaky Snake, You Are My Sunshine, or maybe even Jesus Loves Me. I do remember how that microphone felt in my hands, so heavy and cold to the touch.

It made me glad that my girls are carrying on the music.

I’m lucky to have some record albums recorded by my uncle’s band, The Rockin’ R’s. And really lucky that these albums record not only my aunt and uncle singing but also my Grandpa Mehmen and Aunt Judy, both of whom have passed away.

I loved this movie for the music, the music of part of my childhood, the memories of good times when we were all young and happy and together. At least that’s how I remember it, from my 4-year-old perspective. Someone said there is no reality, only perception. Or something like that.

That’s what I loved about being in the band. For me it wasn’t about being in the spotlight, or getting out of the house on Saturday nights. It was about playing music that I loved for other people, making them happy for awhile, perhaps evoking happy memories of their own.

Now what I want to do is go sit at my piano and play long into the night. But the eggs and the dishes and sleep call.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kelli,You are missed in the band too! I have only seen you play with the guys a couple of times but, your keyboarding really adds to the show! I hope that you will play with them again at some shows in the future!Diane

  2. Brett saw this movie last week and really enjoyed it, too. Good to see Reese and Joaquin win the awards . . . just love those two.Never say never, K!

  3. beastmomma says:

    I loved the movie too! Even though there was lots of struggle, I loved the growth and the poetry of the music.

  4. Zanne says:

    I gotta see it cause I love Joaquin! Johnny & June were quite a pair. Your theater looks so cool. So many of them around here have closed down, losing out to the big cineplexes. And I checked the link to the band – very cool. That Ballroom in Clear Lake looks like another wonderful old place. It all spells …Photographic Road Trip…. someday, someday.

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