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Attend the INCA Conference!

Just wanted to give all you Iowans (and even southern Minnesotans) a heads up about the upcoming INCA (Iowa Network for Community Agriculture) 14th Annual Local Foods Conference. It will be held Saturday, February 7 in Clear Lake. I won’t … Continue reading

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Sorry for the sporadic posting around here, but there’s been a lot of this… Olivia on the right with the ball and a lot of this… Madeline in the middle, on defense The girls, they love their sports. And I … Continue reading

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There's nothing like hoarfrost

to fire up my photo-snapping mojo. Isn’t this spectacular? The creek was beautiful. I loved the contrast of the red gate against all that white. Even common weeds turn magical. The grand oak tree at the end of our drive. … Continue reading

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How to Cook : Ham & Cabbage Soup

What is it about peeling and dicing potatoes that calms me, soothes me, centers me? What is it about making something so simple as soup? Some humble vegetables, some chicken bones boiled in water to make broth, some salty ham… … Continue reading

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There’s nothing like chicks for some mid-winter therapy! The peeping, the pecking, the scurrying, the napping. The cuteness! These are Gold Star pullets from Hoovers Hatchery. 52 of them, that should be laying by June – in time for farmers … Continue reading

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Same story, different day

Every day this week. Snow. Wind. Cold. School started late, or let out early, or cancelled. Repeat tomorrow, except colder. Actual temperatures of 25 below, wind chills of 50 below in the morning. Heck of a day to bring home … Continue reading

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Some days you take your smiles where you can. As I walked by this upstairs window I noticed a lollipop heart in the snow, “drawn” there by Ava on one of her rounds. 1 year ago: Hydrant On the farm … Continue reading

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Olive bread

Help! The Beatles have invaded my bread! With a blizzard raging outside, it seemed like a good time to talk about warm, yummy bread. Using the same dough I started with here and here, I tried the book’s olive bread … Continue reading

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Have I mentioned the ice? I guess I have. This is our driveway. Except now it’s covered over with snow, and another blizzard is on deck for tomorrow – 4 inches of snow and 40mph winds. Wahoo. 3 years ago: … Continue reading

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How to Cook : Pork and Vegetable Soup

(and Bread : Round 1) So before I get to the bread, let’s talk about soup. This one is super easy. Last weekend I seasoned a couple of pork roasts with Greek seasoning and slow roasted them – probably 4 … Continue reading

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