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Last weekend’s ice storm resulted in us losing our internet all week. It’s amazing how wedded we are to technology, how off-kilter we feel without it. And amazing, too, what we might miss if we don’t divorce ourselves from it … Continue reading

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Remember when they were little girls, how sweet they were? They’d make you the most adorable handmade cards full of heartfelt X’s and O’s. Then they become 15 and their homemade cards go something like this… Dad, Happy Valentine’s Day! … Continue reading

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A jammed (hopefully not broken) swollen purple finger meant a change in position. Still, a good way to spend a Sunday. It’s good to be flexible.

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Feb 12

Three straight hours at the piano. Devastating news. New-to-me shoes. Days like today, you wonder just how the world keeps spinning on.

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Woah, does he look like my dad in this picture Some days it feels like life is a constant “circling in.” Sometimes nearer. Sometimes farther away. Never quite hitting the mark. 1 year ago: Win some, lose some Getting promoted … Continue reading

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