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Turkey treats

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Olivia spearheaded this little project…I believe she’s inherited her grandma’s crafty gene. Crackers & various candies, stuck together with white frosting. They made for a cute treat to take to our Mehmen family Thanksgiving Today … Continue reading

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The weather has been so nice lately that Rafe’s still been catching chubs out of the creek, sticking them in a bucket of water. One day I looked out on the front porch and saw this…he was fishing out of … Continue reading

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What we got

This little guy was so incredibly cute I just had to post his picture! Matt weaned the piglets last weekend. I wanted to give an update on what we’ll have available and when… This Thursday we make our first delivery … Continue reading

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Installment #9 : One of These Things Just Doesn't Belong Here

Yesterday I stepped outside for some fresh air on my lunch break, and found this scene in the pasture. When the piglets start wandering this far from their nest, it’s a sign that it’s time to wean. When they’re mother … Continue reading

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Iowa Food Coop

We’re excited to announce that some of our Sugar Creef Farm beef, pork & poultry is now available through the Iowa Food Coop! Coop members have access each month to wonderful Iowa products – meats, dairy products, fruits & vegetables, … Continue reading

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Social networking

Me: I have a twitch. Matt: {blank stare} Me: In the front of my hip, right under my pants pocket. So I always think my cell phone is vibrating. Matt: Isn’t that what you do on Facebook? You twitcher? Me: … Continue reading

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