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Be merry

the annual Christmas photo So, a little blog break…if you hadn’t noticed 🙂 We’re in the throes of merry-making, and I promise there will be pictures when I return! In the meantime…feel blessed, friends. Merry Christmas! Christmas past: Christmas 2005 … Continue reading

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I love

hidden tracks on CDs. 3 gems on Track 13 of the “Lipstick on the Mirror” CD by Pop Evil, which I discovered sorta accidentally in the car the other day. Good songs make me miss being in a band. 2 … Continue reading

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How to Cook : Ham Alfredo

Sometimes the best recipes evolve as a direct result of laziness. I was hungry for carbonara. But the thought of schlepping out to the garage, digging through one of my messy freezers for bacon, defrosting and cooking said bacon…it was … Continue reading

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Small Farm Business: Permission Marketing

I wanted to share a post I read recently about marketing called Reaching the People Who Get It. The gist of the article is that it’s a waste of your marketing efforts to market to people who just don’t “get … Continue reading

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How to Cook : Pumpkin Pie

I mentioned in my last post that Olivia & I made pumpkin pies. We started by taking a couple of small pie pumpkins and cutting some slits in them simply by sticking a knife into each one a few times. … Continue reading

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