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Ask the Readers :: Beef Liver

Our friend Mary asked on our Facebook page the other day for any tips or good recipes for preparing beef liver. I had to confess that we don’t eat liver around here, even though it’s quite good for you. But … Continue reading

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Titus on Tuesday

Titus has taken to laying smack dab in the middle of the driveway. No matter that it’s wet, muddy, and/or snowy. This is his spot. I’m going on the assumption that his guard dog instincts are kicking in, and that … Continue reading

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Chicks are here!

175 Red Rangers from Hoovers Hatchery. It never seems like there’s that many in there. I feel like such a hillbilly raising chicks in the garage attached to our house. But then again, when the weather’s as cold and damp … Continue reading

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Titus on Tuesday

At the end of winter, whenever someone says, “I’m so ready for winter to be over!” I just nod and say silently to myself, “But then comes mud season…”

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Chickens & Record Keeping

I told you in my last chicken post that chicken are tyrants to work for. ┬áNot only do I have to keep their schedules, there are also records to keep. ┬áTyrants, I tell you! I need new bosses. Or better … Continue reading

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How to Cook :: Meatloaf

You guys, I seriously suck at food photography. I get so excited about eating that I forget to take a picture of the finished product while it’s still fresh and hot. So I end up saving a little square of … Continue reading

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Titus on Tuesday

The cat is not cooperating with Titus’ plan to chase her. 7 years ago: New-ish cow

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