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Mr. Duck says

“I am the real Pride of the Farm, not those stinking pigs!” 2 years ago: More from Heritage Farm

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Cedar Valley Memories 2008

After missing the annual steam engine show last summer we were excited to get back out there again this year! As always it was an enjoyable afternoon taking in all the sights, sounds and smells that go along with this … Continue reading

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Installment #8

of “One of these things just doesn’t belong here…”. Other installments are here. Star sometimes keeps her distance from the cows, as if they’re beneath her and she can’t believe that we make her bunk with them. At other times, … Continue reading

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Ask the readers : Fencing

This is the scene of last week’s breakout. The railroad track & trestle forms the western boundary of our property. Sugar Creek divides our pasture about in half. The fenceline down the left side of the pasture is electric, dividing … Continue reading

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This duck just hasn’t got her head on straight! Yesterday when I went in the chicken coop there were 2 ducks with newly hatched babies. Today when I went in the chicken coop, nothing. Off I went in search of … Continue reading

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Where's Ollie?

For a little bit there I thought he’d escaped! I couldn’t see him anywhere, and I started to panic thinking that yet another animal had made a breakout into the neighbor’s bean field. At least the button weeds are good … Continue reading

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Lessons in entrepreneurship

Yesterday the last of Madeline’s 4-H pigs went to the locker. A bit of a sad day for her, but all a part of being a hog farmer. And a hog farmer she is. Even though her own hogs are … Continue reading

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Time Out

Our cows (and Star, by association) are in time out. It’s that time of year, when the grass is literally greener on the non-livestock-owning neighbor’s side of the fence. And the multiple floods we’ve experienced this summer have wreaked havoc … Continue reading

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aka, “Mystery on Sugar Creek” Matt and Olivia were out in the pasture yesterday, trying to separate a wiley heifer that had broken out of the stocker calves’ part of the pasture and into the mama cows’ part of the … Continue reading

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